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Turn Frustration into Action

Blue Notes 2020 is a local initiative that sends personalized post cards to voters in key states and districts. We want to boost voter turnout and re-register voters who were illicitly purged from voting rolls. Indivisible Sonoma County is serving as a clearinghouse for info on key campaigns across the country. The breakthrough? We have made it easy, safe and effective to write these postcards from your own home.

How it works: Send an email to:

Provide your name, mailing address and the number of postcards you’d like to write (in multiples of 20). We will mail you a packet with postcards, address lists and instructions - FOR FREE. For a limited time, we’ll even provide the stamps! All you have to do is write the postcards according to the directions, stamp and mail them.
Post carding is not just therapeutic - it DOES work. Numerous studies show it gets people registered, increases voter turnout and helps win elections - particularly close ones. Every vote matters - it’s the way we’ll take our country back.

As the world seemingly melts down around us,
the best antidote for anxiety is action.
Let’s do this!

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Find effective ways to help defeat Trump and the GOP in 2020.

You can make a difference in the elections that matter most.

Go to Swing Left for phone calling and texting events around the country. You can also follow a link to Vote Forward letter writing campaign.

We’ve teamed up with Vote Forward to write 10 million letters to turn out voters this year. Be a Big Sender—start writing today!



Proven Effective

In multiple randomized trials, voters who received a letter were significantly more likely to vote.

Easy and Fast

We give you a template. Just print, complete, fold, sign, and mail.

Take Action Anywhere

You can send letters no matter where you live.

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