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Why the Veterans & Affordable Housing Bond Act (SB 3) is Needed & What it Will po

We need Affordable. Housing. Now. This is what we hear over and over from families who come
to our organizations, hopeless and worn down as they work two and three jobs but still can’t keep
up with rising rents. It’s what we hear from individuals with disabilities who wonder if they will
soon be homeless because they can’t find an affordable place to live. It’s what we hear from
veterans of all ages who need a safe, stable home.

You read the headlines. We see the human and economic toll in our neighborhoods. For some of
us, skyrocketing rents and the lack of affordable homes hits in very personal ways.

Last year, the California Legislature – our state elected leaders – heard our cries and demands
and took action. Many of us pushed to get them to act, writing letters, making calls, visiting
Sacramento, inviting our leaders to our affordable housing sites to see the many ways having a
stable home has opened up doors for Californians.

  1. Thanks to our efforts, state leaders passed SB 3 in September that placed a $4 billion Veterans
    and Affordable Housing Bond on this year’s November ballot
    . The Veterans and Affordable
    Housing Bond Act
    dedicates funding to help military veterans have homes, provides stable
    housing for struggling families and builds affordable homes for our most vulnerable residents.
  2. This $4 billion bond is an opportunity to get funding to the local level – to our communities where
    we know affordable homes need to be built now.

Now it’s time for us to broaden and build our coalition. To educate our partners beyond the
housing community on why we need this bond to build homes. Together, we secured SB 3 to
make affordable housing a priority for the state, and now together we can urge voters to pass the
Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act

  1. Join the Affordable Housing Now campaign and the growing coalition of housing advocates,
    business leaders, labor, veterans and environmental groups working to pass the bond and make
    safe, stable homes a reality for more Californians.

Paid for by Affordable Housing Now, a coalition of Housing California, California Housing Consortium, State Building and Construction Trades Council of California and Silicon Valley Leadership Group. Committee ID# 1401697

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