Vote NO on Prop 6

No on Proposition 6 – Stop The Attack on Bridge & Road Safety

Prop 6 repeals SB 1 which:

  • Funds public safety. SB1 funds thousands of projects ensuring bridges and overpasses meet seismic safety standards and repairing crumbling and unsafe roads.

  • SB1 Adds $5 billion annually in existing transportation funding dedicated to fixing roads, bridges, and public transportation.

  • SB1 Enables more than 6,500 transportation improvement projects currently underway in every community.

  • SB1 is Supported by California Professional Firefighters, California Association of Highway Patrolmen, American Society of Civil Engineers, business, labor, environmental leaders, and local governments.

  • And costs you each week about the same as a cup of your favorite morning coffee

Excerpt from Post Democrat

Here in California, no one can credibly argue that the transportation network meets the needs of nearly 40 million residents. Indeed, we hear more complaints about traffic and potholes than practically anything else.

Yet voters are being asked to cancel more than $50 billion in transportation improvements. That’s preposterous. But that’s Proposition 6 on the Nov. 6 ballot. Proposltion 6, which is championed by Southern California radio talk-show provocateurs – and Republican politicians, who should know better – would rescind fuel tax increases and repeal a new fee paid by owners of electric cars, who don’t otherwise contribute to road maintenance.

The SB 1 taxes took effect in 2017, and they’re already pumping more than $5 billion a year into roads and transit.

More than $170 million is earmarked for major projects in the North Bay, including widening Highway 101, easing congestion on Highway 37 and extending SMART north to at least Windsor. In addition, $19 million a year is being distributed to Sonoma County and local cities for road repairs.

Without the SB 1 money, all that work will be delayed indefinitely. There simply isn’t another source of revenue on the horizon. President Donald Trump has talked about a major investment in highways and infrastructure. But the plan he delivered to Congress last year required states and communities to pony up most of the money. As for Washington’s share, the president suggested – wait for it – raising the federal gas tax by 25 cents a gallon.

Twenty-seven states, including solidly red Wyoming, Oklahoma, Georgia and Idaho, have raised gas taxes since 2013 by as much as 22 cents a gallon.

SB 1 raised California’s gas tax 12 cents a gallon. Gas prices go up that much and more on a regular basis. The difference with SB 1 is the money is going to repave roads, repair bridges and improve transit.

California’s road improvement plan is backed by business groups, organized labor, environmental groups and first responders. They understand that decent roads and transit are needed to support the world’s fifth-largest economy, to control greenhouse gas emissions and to move firefighters their equipment to hot spots quickly and safely.

The last time California raised gas taxes was 1990, an increase endorsed by Republican Gov. George Deukmejian and approved by voters.


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