Haschak for Supervisor

A New Path Forward:

"This year is one of the most important elections of our lifetime."  You hear it every year.  But with so much on the line for Mendocino County, this may be the truest its been.  We in the 3rd District face an unprecedented set of challenges ranging from recovery from wildfires - to ensuring that county services reach every corner of our communities - to building a 21st-century sustainable economy.  One thing is clear, we can't stick with the same-old-same-old and expect different results.  With only 3 weeks until November 6th, we need your support more than ever.  If you've been thinking you might like to volunteer or donate the time is now.  Together, we can provide a new path for Mendocino's 3rd District.

Let's Move Mendocino County Forward.

Donate to the Campaign

New Lawn Signs

Want to show that you support John Haschak for 3rd District Supervisor?  We've got a fresh new batch of lawn signs!  Let us know that you want one here and we'll send a volunteer out to bring it right to your door.

A People Powered Campaign

This campaign has been powered by the time, energy, and work of countless volunteers.  Can you join the team?  Every Monday evening in Ukiah and every Tuesday evening in Willits join John, Janice, and an outstanding group of volunteers to staff the phones and reach out to the 3rd District community about Moving The County Forward with John Haschak.  For more information, contact Paul Kaplan at 707-318-9331 or paulkaplan50@yahoo.com

Campaing Events

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