MCDCC Code of Conduct

for Mendocino County Democratic Central Committee Members Expected Behavior The Mendocino County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) is committed to providing a welcoming, respectful, friendly, safe, supportive, and harassment-free environment for members, employees, and all others associated with the MCDCC. The MCDCC expects all leaders, members, employees, and others associated with the MCDCC to act professionally, […]

Insurance for fire victims conversation

December 6, 2019 Dear Fellow Rural Caucus Members, Just want to be sure you saw that Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara announced a one-year moratorium Thursday banning carriers from canceling homeowners’ coverage in areas struck by wildfires this year. You should feel very proud of all of your efforts to bring this about. The moratorium only covers […]

Point Arena Democratic Leadership Summit-10-19

[bws_pdfprint] Central Committee can help bring the county clubs together for better production and less duplication of GOTV activities. Liaisons are messengers to carry information between Clubs to the Central Committee and from the Central Committee to the Clubs. Clubs are feet on the ground. Clubs are independent and not directed by the CC Clubs are […]

MCDCC Members

Co-Chairs: Lynne Atkins Jim Mastin Coast Vice Chair: Jane Person Inland Vice Chair: Helen Sizemore Secretary: Mike Webster Treasurer: Sally Webster Ex Officio: U.S. Congressman Huffman Lynne Atkins State Senator McGuire Kerry Randall Assemblymember Wood Jeff Tyrrell 1st District: Kerry Randall Vacant Vacant Vacant 2nd District: Judy Popowski Helen Sizemore Mike Webster Sally Webster 3rd […]