Mobile HQ Proposal 2020

Proposal for an Inland Mendocino County Mobile 2020 Democratic Campaign Headquarters

Joe Louis Wildman


Term of Service

From Labor Day, 2020 through Election Day in November 2020 Joe Louis Wildman (JLW) will donate his labor, and use of the Bigassvan (BAV) from Labor Day, 2020 through Election Day in November 2020.
The donation has no monetary value for JLW's labor with it being a non-professional service.

Fuel Cost

The IMDC will reimburse JLW for some portion of fuel actually used.


JLW carries liability insurance at the level required by SEIU, AFSCME, OE3, and others for business use of the BAV, and no further insurance is needed. The insurance covers other drivers; but outside of emergencies, JLW intends to be the sole operator.


JLW intends to be the sole operator.


This donation of time and van use is made to the IMDC with prorated benefit to the MCDCC, the Huffman campaign, the Wood campaign, the Biden campaign, and other candidate or issue campaigns authorized by the IMDC or MCDCC. JLW and the BAV will not distribute materials that are not so authorized.


JLW will provide a good faith estimate of any monetary value upon request. The expectation is that all of JLW's and the BAV's activity will fall under volunteer activity and do not constitute a billable service or an in-kind donation.


  • The IMDC will provide JLW with magnetic signs with the club name and logo. This expense is to be authorized up to $200. The signs will be the IMDC's property.
  • JLW will be available to run errands, and to pick up and distribute campaign material. The BAV can accommodate 4x8 ft signs. JLW has posts and a post driver and can deliver and install signs.


JLW and the BAV will make predetermined and arranged campaign stops in and around:

  • Ukiah
  • Willits
  • Laytonville
  • Covelo
  • Potter Valley
  • Redwood Valley
  • Boonville
  • Hopland

These campaign stops are expected to be selected and coordinated by the IMDC, the MCDCC, and the various campaigns.
JLW is willing to service the coast clubs jurisdictions with notice from and in cooperation of the clubs.
JLW is willing to go to Sacramento and/or the Bay Area to pick up materials when requested.


JLW proposes to be available three or four days per week. JLW will spend some time campaigning in Reno and in western Arizona, but this should not interfere with providing a minimum of 24 days of service.


  • The annual IMDC membership renewal letter will be mailed in July and, if approved, this Mobile HQ activity should be highlighted in the letter as a Club program for 2020.
  • The itinerary and announcements will be included in e-mail blasts, Facebook and on the website.
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