Mendocino County Democratic Central COmmittee Minutes - April 2020

Members Present: Jane Person, Lynne Atkins, Jeff Tyrell, Ken Fennell, Sally Webster, Jim Mastin, Rachel Binah, Mike Webster, Helen Sizemore, Kayla Meadows, Val Muchowski, Judy Popowski

Alternate: Fred Mervine

Members Absent: Kerry Randall, Ric Martin, Perri Kaller

Guests: Dave Nelson and Phoenix Trent

TIME: 6pm

DATE: April 7, 2020

PLACE: Zoom, Host- Lynne Atkins

I. Call to order - 6:15 by Jim Mastin.

II. Revision and approval of agenda

Jane moved to approve agenda, Helen seconded. Motion to approve agenda passed.

III. Public Comment -

(Non-agenda items, 3 minutes max)

Dave Nelson talked about the importance of a Headquarters and wants to be involved. Fred mentioned that there are funds in the Inland Club account for about 2-3 months rent for a Headquarters.

Phoenix mentioned that he would be interested in the 5th District vacancy.

IV. onsider February Minutes

Motion to approve minutes was made by Kayla, Jeff seconded. One spelling error was noted and motion passed.

V. Chairman’s report -

Update Jim – mentioned the “odd times” we’re in due to the covid-19 virus. Meeting remotely may become more the norm.

VI. Treasurer’s report -

Federal Account, $12,541. State Account, $12,830. Candidate Account, $160,527. Dues of $25 are due. Motion to accept financials of January and February, by Kayla, seconded by Helen. Financial reports accepted.

VII. Old Business -

Coordinated Campaign - Training lead by Joe Armenta on PDI in Santa Rosa, February 23, discussed by Jeff and others. Of concern was the runoff on May 12 for CD25.

VIII. New Business -

  • Bylaws ad-hoc Committee - Tabled until next month.
  • Resolutions Committee Formation – Committee formed, members include Rachel, Jane, Kayla, Ken, and Val (?). Ken brought up unregistered voters. Tabled to a future meeting.
  • Kayla gave an overview of AB2367, Residential property insurance- wildfire resilience, and AB2163, Rural Broadband and Emergency Infrastructure Grant Act of 2020.
  • Census was discussed mostly concerning a disparity in those sent to residences verses those sent to PO Boxes.
  • PG&E bankruptcy and guilty verdict in manslaughter was mentioned as well as public take over.

IX. Committee Reports -

Club Support – Lynne - Liaisons (Lynne, Helen and Jane) met in February to review of club charters.

Communications - Fred- discussed a mail list to be used by club leaders so they could communicate with each other. There was concern about making peoples email available in a public web site. Further discussion was tabled to next month.

The Communications Charter- The creation of an integrated web page has been completed. The CC and Club calendars have been completed though not fully used.

Elections – No updates.

Events & Fundraising - Helen discussed non-event event, which has been put on hold. Rachel, Helen and Sally to reword invitation.

Finance – Sally- nothing to add.

Leadership Development Committee – TBD – Jim nominated Val and Rachel. Val to be an advisor. Phoenix volunteered. Need a charter is the first order of business.

X. Legislator Reports -

  • Congressman Jared Huffman - Lynne has posted a link to the latest report on the web.
  • State Senator Mike McGuire - Report sent prior to meeting.
  • Assembly member Jim Wood - Jeff has posted a link to the latest report on the web.

XI. Club Liaison Reports –

  • Coast Democratic Club - Jane sent report. Mentioned McGuire Town Hall.
  • Inland Mendocino Democratic Club – Report sent prior to meeting.
  • Redwood Coast Democrats – Club did not meet.

XII. Good of the Order

Jim mentioned that Susan Savage is coming back to serve on the Central Committee. Also there was an opening in the 5th District that can be filled.

XIII. Next meeting:

May 5, 6pm Zoom

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