imdc tres-08-20

Treasurer’s Report for August 13, 2020

Cash in the bank:              $8,185.44

Receivables:                       $0

Payables:                             $0

Fund Balance                     $8,185.44

Income and Expense (since July report)

Donations and memberships:                     $2064.
Interest earned                                                $0.62
Mobile HQ                                                           $103.55   Magnetic Signs for Mobile HQ
$2,800     To MCDCD for stocking the van
Administrative                                                  $3.17        ActBlue

Net Expense over income since last Report $842.10

In-kind Income-Expense

Renewal Mailing supply and Postage:      $120

Membership Report
Members in Good Standing:  142
Members in Good Standing set to Expire 8/31/2020:  76
Members in Good Standing through 8/31/2021: 66


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