At a recent Executive Committee meeting of the IMDC Monica suggested that we use a mobile vehicle to provide IMDC outreach.  Joe responded immediately with a proposal to use his van and labor as suggested.  After discussion, the executive committee agreed in principle to the idea pending analysis of technical details such as insurance and budget.  Fred has asked me to manage this effort that will take place between now and the November election.

The effort is intended to implement the IMDC Mission; that is, to best promote Democratic values, by influencing people to vote appropriately, to be registered, and to otherwise serve the good of our country.

“Rolling Wave” is a project management term for planning the big picture and then filling in with successive waves of details as they become available and are needed.  No plan is immutable, and adjustments must be made as we determine what works best of the many courses this project might take.  Feedback will be welcome from all and executed to meet the will of the executive committee and the general membership.

Briefly, Joe has offered his van from Labor Day through the election for three or four days per week.  Costs of the van are expected to be Minimal as Joe as sufficient insurance.  Benefits of this project will be shared with other Mendocino County Democratic organizations, candidates and other issues to be determined.  Read Joe’s proposal.

As this is expected to be IMDC’s major effort for the election there is a need for considerable support and guidance from the rest of us.  There are currently several IMDC committees that will cover most or all of what is needed, and this plan is not intended to subvert their efforts and responsibilities.  I will include in this plan what we believe is needed and current committees can then indicate what parts fall into their areas of responsibility.


Guidance:  Responsibilities will be:

  • Determine locations and events where the van (to be known as Joe’s BAV) will be used.
  • Gain permits as necessary for the above.
  • Coordinate activity and materials with the MCDCC, the coastal club, and other campaigns.
  • Determine format(s) for delivery of the message.
  • Assure consistency of materials and activities with Democratic Party and all legal standards


  • Arrange for and/or produce collateral materials.
  • Volunteer to work with Joe at various stops.
  • Help determine what is working, what is needed, and otherwise how to improve our efforts.


  • While Joe will be ready to start on Labor Day, let’s shoot to get this up and rolling with basic functionality by the end of July.  We can enhance as appropriate through August and beyond.


  • The BAV may cost around $500 for gasoline, etc.
  • Materials can cost from a few hundred to thousands of dollars – it’s up to us.
  • Labor will all be volunteer and will not be compensated.


  • Existing committees
  • You, me, the persons on your right, left, in front, and in back of you.  All of us.  Let us know when and what you can do and we’ll make sure you’re involved.

There have been many suggestions already made.  They include:

  • Magnetic sign for the BAV
  • Stops all over the County, shopping centers, events, etc.
  • Please see suggestions by Joe, Fred and others.  As we sort out what we agree to include, we’ll fold them into a more detailed version of this plan and get underway.

Mike Pallesen

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