IMDC ExecMin Special 06-20-20

IMDC Executive Committee Special Meeting


DATE: June 20
TIME: 6:00pm
Telephonic meeting

Exec Members Present: Fred Mervine, Phyllis Mervine, Mike Pallesen, Judy Poplawski, Joe Wildman, Monica Quiroz-Rivera

Exec Members Absent: Helen Sizemore

Guest: Dave Nelson, Jim Mastin

Quorum: A quorum was present

  1. Call to order
  2. Business
    20201023 Motion to move forward with Monica's idea to use a mobile studio as a Democratic HQ for the 2020 campaign : Duly seconded and passed unanimously

    We discussed the concept of a mobile HQ and what will be required to implement it.
  3. Adjourned 7:00
  4. Next special Exec meeting:
    June 25 6pm
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