IMDC Agenda-09-20

Inland Mendocino Democratic Club Agenda

DATE: September 10, 2020
TIME: 5:30 PM
PLACE: Zoom Meeting Click Here
Meeting ID 894 0277 5632  Passcode 304953

  1. Call to order / Welcome
  2. Revision and approval of agenda
  3. Public Comment and Announcements
    (Non-agenda items, 3 minutes max)
  4. Main Event

    Senator Mike Mc Guire will join us to discuss events and issues of CA legislature.
    Suggested topics:

      • Any action being considered now or coming up in next session regarding policing reform?
      • What is being done to curtail/prevent oil exploration and drilling off the CA coast?
      • What is being done to educate, protect and support our farm workers WRT COVID 19?
      • How is CA preparing and innovating education practices and facilities in response to the impact of COVID 19?
        Q&A following - time permitting
  5. Consider August Minutes

  6. Chair’s Report
  7. Treasurer’s Report

  8. Business
    1. Mobile Headquarters Report - Mike
      Need volunteers to fill in remaining slots. Click here to volunteer
    2. Endorsement of other inland races (click here) - 2020 Election Candidates List
      Should we endorse City Council candidates?
      What about all the other races?
      Should we endorse the candidates in the inland area that are endorsed by the CC?
    3. What support should we offer to candidates that we have endorsed? Money? How Much? Other?
      • Discussion
      • Actions

  1. Operational Team Reports
  • Elections Report
  • Communications Report
  • Events & Fundraising Report
  • Leadership Development Report
  • Community Outreach Report
  1. Good of the Order
  2. Next meeting:
    October 8, 2020
    PLACE: Zoom Meeting Click Here
    Meeting ID 894 0277 5632  Passcode 304953

Team action items require supporting material submitted in writing seven days prior to the IMDC meeting.
All agenda items may be considered action items.

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