IMDC Agenda-07-20

DATE: July 9
TIME: 5:30pm
Online meeting CLICK HERE
Or for audio only call in - Dial-in number: (515) 604-9300 Use Access code: 190753#

  1. Call to order / Welcome
  2. Revision and approval of agenda
  3. Public Comment and Announcements
    (Non-agenda items, 3 minutes max)
  4. Minutes
    Approve June Minutes

  5. Chair’s Report Fred
  6. Treasurer’s Report

  7. Old Business

  1. New Business
  • Mike's Proposal:IMDC consider supporting several people of color to work to register voters and otherwise support election efforts in an area where Democrats have a chance to swing a Representative or Senate seat. See Leadership Development Report, below
  • Judy's Proposal: IMDC give the Central Committee $2800 to fund our mobile headquarters.  Sally is panicking about money and now wants to undo the CC's commitment to reach unregistered people to get them to register.    If we, the club, want to do something, I think we can assume we have to fund it.
  1. Main Event
  • 5th District Supervisor Ted Williams 6:30-7:00
  1. Operational Team Reports
  1. Good of the Order
  2. Next meeting:
    August 13
    Online meeting CLICK HERE
    Or call in - Dial-in number (US): (515) 604-9300 Use Access code: 190753#
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