IMDC Agenda-05-20

DATE: May 14
TIME: 5:30pm
Online meeting CLICK HERE
Or for audio only call in - Dial-in number: (515) 604-9300 Use Access code: 190753#

  1. Call to order / Welcome
  2. Revision and approval of agenda
  3. Public Comment and Announcements
    (Non-agenda items, 3 minutes max)
  4. Consider February Minutes

  5. Chair’s Report
  6. Treasurer’s Report

  7. Old Business
  • Endorsement policy/standing order
  • Headquarters Campaign 2020
  • Labor Day Picnic - options
  1. New Business
  • Appoint Helen to fill vacant Member at Large position
  • Distribute TEE shirts to - homeless, volunteers, etc. ?
  • Campaign 2020
    • Supervisors - see how you can join in to support your candidate
    • Blue Notes - register/GOTV postcard campaign nationwide
      • Please know that the Redwood Coast Democrats have spent several thousand dollars on Blue Notes and are trying to keep it going. To date- Blue Notes has sent 7,000 postcards!
    • Swing Left - phone banking nationwide Swing Left targeted races and candidates Individual
    • Vote Forward - Letter writing nationwide VF targeted races - Helen POC
    • CADEM Remote phone banking events in CA
    • CADEM/PDI Coordinated campaigns in CA
  1. Main Event
  • John Haschak, President of the BoS will join us to discuss BoS current affairs. 7:00 pm
  1. Operational Team Reports
  • Elections Report
  • Communications Report
  • Events & Fundraising Report
  • Leadership Development Report
  • Community Outreach Report
  1. Good of the Order
  2. Next meeting:
    June 11
    Online meeting CLICK HERE
    Or call in - Dial-in number (US): (515) 604-9300 Use Access code: 190753#

Team action items require supporting material submitted in writing seven days prior to the IMDC meeting.
All agenda items may be considered action items.

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