IMDC Agenda-02-21

IMDC Mins 02-21

DATE: 02-11-2021
TIME: 5:30 PM
PLACE: Zoom Meeting Click Here
Meeting ID 894 0277 5632  Passcode 304953
Members Present: Kayla Meadows, Steve Scalmanini, Jackie Orozco, Dennis Crean, Eileen Mitro, Joe Wildman, Katharine Cole, Val Muchowski, Robin Sunbeam

Exec Members Present: Fred Mervine, Judy Poplawski, Helen Sizemore, Phyllis Mervine, Monica Queroz Rivera

Quorum: A quorum was present

  1. Call to order / Welcome
  2. Revision and approval of agenda
    2021417 Motion to Approve Agenda : Approved unanimously
  3. Public Comment and Announcements
    Helen had concerns about the contract given to Elizabeth Barney to be the communications consultant for the Mendo County Sheriff's department while she has made public comments on her private social media account that conflict with the County's public health policy on mask wearing.
  4. Consider January Minutes
    2021417 Motion to Approve Minutes : Passed unanimously

  5. Chair’s Report

    1. At the last meeting several people proposed activities for the coming year. Each of them has responded with a write up describing their proposal in more detail. See below.
    2. Fred intends to schedule each of the Supervisors at our meeting for Q&A.
  6. Treasurer’s Report
    No new members. One $25 donation.
    2021417 Motion to Approve treasurer's report : Passed unanimously

  7. Business
    1. The following are the nominations for the offices for this election
      Fred Mervine
      Phyllis Mervine
      Members at large
      Monica Quiroz-Rivera
      Judy Popowski
      Katharine Cole
    • 2021417 Motion to approve the slate of officers and members at large, as proposed: Passed unanimously
  1. Main Event
    • Glenn McGourty, Supervisor First District, attended the meeting from 5:30 to 6pm and answered questions. He thanked Club members for their support in the election. Since many voters in the county are not on the internet, he had to use USPS to mail fliers, which is quite expensive. McGourty explained his vote on Barney's contract, in spite of the fact she had retweeted a rightwing website that was anti-mask, saying that County counsel held that freedom of speech means you can't sanction people for their private views. She has strong recommendations and they will monitor her performance. On the vaccine he said the county is distributing through Mendocino Public Health, Adventist, Consolidated Tribal Health and pharmacies. They put in orders on Friday and get a certain amount on Monday, so they have to work quickly to set up clinics and distribute it.  They have been trying to target vulnerable populations like farm workers by working with the Farm Bureau, wine growers and labor contractors.  More than half of our farm workers have been vaccinated so far.
      It's been challenging to reach people who don't have internet and they are working on it. Fred suggested using Nixle which McGourty thought was a good idea. Helen suggesting recruiting pastors and WhatsApp, a tool many Latinos (an underserved population) use. On cannibis, it seemed like there was mostly bad news. It sounds like officials in charge of the legalization process have kicked the can down the road and the time of reckoning is approaching. McGourty is afraid some growers will be hung out to dry.
  1. Operational Team Reports
    1. Proposed 2021 IMDC Activities
    • Elections Report - Judy
      • Find Democrats to fill vacant County vacancies – Commissions, Boards, etc. Joe & Judy
      • Recruit, mentor, assist Democrats to run for elected office
      • Support candidates' campaigns
    • Mobile HQ - Joe
      • Join Joe to deploy the BAV around the County throughout the year.
    • Medicare for All - Robin
      • Join the proponents of a CA Senate Bill to enact “Medicare for All” in CA
    • Community Outreach Report Jackie
      • Work with other Civic groups to encourage participation in political activities – DACA, Voter Registration,etc
      • Support formation of a Latino Democratic Club
      • Engage existing programs to help fund and support people applying for US citizenship
    • Education - Helen
      • Work with Superintendent of Public Schools to establish a Civics Education Program for Junior and Senior High Schools in Mendocino. Contact Helen Sizemore, Kayla Meadows.
    • Communications Report - Kathrine
  1. Good of the Order
  2. Next meeting:
    March 11, 2021
    PLACE: Zoom Meeting Click Here
    Meeting ID 894 0277 5632  Passcode 304953

Team action items require supporting material submitted in writing seven days prior to the IMDC meeting.
All agenda items may be considered action items.

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