Elections Committee Notes 1/27

Notes on Jan 27 Teleconference

Attendees: Ken Fennell, Jeff Tyrrell, Judy Popowski, Lynne Atkins, Dave Nelson

Absent Monica Quirozrivera, Jane Person


The Meeting started about 7:00 pm

The group discussed MCDCC role in endorsements for the 2020 primary election. The group decided to recommend to MCDCC that no endorsements be made for candidate or measures.

The group discussed partnering with other activist groups for the 2020 general election. The interest is in working to flip the Senate and increasing voter turnout.

The group would invite members from Indivisible, League of Women Voters, Swing Left and Move on. The purpose is to discuss how MCDCC and these group can support each other on these key ideas.

The group decided to present a plan for contacting eligible but unregistered citizens of Mendocino County. Ken is to contact Jim Mastin to provide agenda time during the Feb 4 meeting for these ideas.


The meeting adjourned about 8:00 pm





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