Meeting with Rusty Hicks

Meeting with Rusty Hicks

Notes from the Meeting with Rusty Hicks, Chair, California Democratic Party
September 8, 2019
submitted by Sally Webster and Helen Sizemore

Rusty has plans for the 2020 election being a Coordinated Campaign with the Party, County Central Committees, and local clubs. It involves targeted counties, AD Races, 12 overlapping counties, and battleground states. He wants to use everyone’s time, talent, treasure, including money, commitments, and tools.

Each County will have to:
1) Make a commitment to do real work – there will be benchmarks (eg. 100 volunteers making 5,000 calls over 6 weeks).Then CDP will support.
2) State priorities, ‘put some skin in the game’ ($ into pot for resources) Possible office/ mtg. space at Union SEIU in evenings.
The application process will begin Nov – Jan, and more will be announced on this. A training and development position has been created and filled to assist DCC’s. The federal election will be the focus: 3 months prio to the primary and the months prior to the November election.

Other things he has done in his first 100 days:
Because of the harassment accusations on the previous Chair, he formed a committee to look at into a Code of Conduct.
It is now complete and was approved at the E-Board meeting in August. It will apply to candidate endorsements and DCC members. County DCC’s are encouraged to edit and adopt.

He formed a committee to analyze all of the Party’s standing committees. His goal was to diversify the committees (ie, 54% women, 15% LGBTQ, 60% Ethnicity, etc), which is inclusive of experience being no more than 50% of the members previously serving four or more terms on that committee. A complete report is on website.

3) Finance: there has not been a formal audit of the CDP books in 10 years.
He called for an audit of the past two years, and it will be ready for the convention.

Operating budget for the Party: He developed a 4 month budget, which was approved at the E-Board meeting in August. A 2020 budget will be ready for the Convention in November.

He has formed a committee to look into a reform of the ADEMS process. Currently 1/3 are elected officials, 1/3 members, 1/3 by ADEM process. 41K showed up to vote at the last election, which was 25% greater than the previous election. His goal to increase the turn out to approx. 200,000 voters.
The committee of 35 will take input on the process, may hold hearings. They have 180 days to make suggestions to the Chair on input process, options and costs.

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